There are many situations in which litigation is not considered to be the most timely or cost-effective way of resolving business disputes. In these cases alternative resolution processes are recommended by attorneys or required by the courts.  If the solution is court-ordered mediation or voluntary (pre-litigation) mediation, a mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (DRC) provides neutral third-party oversight to the proceedings.  The selection of this legal professional can greatly impact the quality of the mediation and the overall satisfaction of the involved parties.  Experience, reputation and availability are all important considerations when choosing a mediator certified by the DRC.

DRC Certified Mediator

Partner Beth Langley is a DRC Certified Mediator- Superior Court and a mediator on the panel of the three NC Federal District Courts.   With a diverse practice representing employers, executives and business leaders in complex employment and commercial business disputes, she brings both a balanced perspective and a depth of knowledge and experience to her mediation services.

Beth is sought by attorneys across the state to help resolve disputes for their clients through court-ordered mediation, mediation of administrative matters or pre-litigation mediation and arbitration.

Click here to schedule a mediation on Beth’s calendar or call her at 336-232-0658 for more information.