Our Litigation Practice Group has extensive experience working with businesses and business owners on trial, appellate, and arbitration matters. Clients range from publicly traded multinationals to individual entrepreneurs. We are proud of our reputation for helping our clients find creative solutions to complex problems. We are up for the challenge.

Our litigation team has been successful representing clients in virtually every type of business dispute. Our strategy is simple – resolve each dispute in a manner that makes good business sense for our clients. Because we enjoy long-term relationships with most of them, our depth of understanding of their business allows us to provide advice to support their unique priorities.

Matters handled by our Litigation Practice Group include:

Business Disputes

Our lawyers regularly handle a wide range of business disputes including:

  • Shareholder, partnership, and LLC disputes
  • Officer, director, and fiduciary liability
  • Contract disputes
  • Unfair Trade Practices, antitrust, and business tort actions
  • Lender liability actions
  • Commercial collections and creditors rights
  • Securities arbitrations before FINRA

Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Trade Dress and Intellectual Property

The most important assets of your business are your trade secrets, your trademarks and other intellectual property. These intangible assets are what separate you from your competitors. Disputes involving these intangible assets are high stakes and fast paced. We are experienced in taking the steps to ensure the protection of these valuable assets.

Covenants Against Competition

We frequently are involved in both the enforcement and defense of actions seeking injunctive relief to enforce covenants against competition. New court opinions affecting enforceability of non-competes are frequently issued. Our attorneys stay up-to-date on changes in case law, and are in the cases that make new law. With years of experience in representing businesses and executives in these matters, we understand the issues from both sides, are accustomed to the fast pace and we understand how completely different injunctive proceedings can be from most lawsuits.

Consumer Litigation

Our team has a depth of experience in defending businesses in Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection Practices, Identity Theft, and related consumer litigation at the trial court and appellate levels. Our clients in this area include consumer reporting agencies and a variety of financial institutions including banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, and mortgage companies.

Public Accommodations and Fair Housing

Our team has extensive experience navigating the challenges of local, state and federal public accommodations and fair housing requirements and litigation. At each level, we have a history of success due to our understanding of the complex nature of civil rights litigation.

Our attorneys work closely with clients in matters ranging from administrative proceedings before municipal commissions to state and federal multi-plaintiff and class action lawsuits and arbitrations.

Our clients include hotels, restaurants, and property owners and managers for whom we customize our approach to their special needs. Through our close partnership with them we are able to solve their problems and defend their interests.

Real Estate and Commercial Lease Disputes

Our litigators have experience in handling disputes involving the transfer, sale, lease and rights associated with real property.   We have particular expertise in representing both landlords and tenants in disputes involving commercial leases for properties such as shopping centers, warehouses, and restaurant spaces.

Administrative Agency and Governmental Investigations

Our team is experienced in handling proceedings before administrative agencies and licensure boards.  In addition, out lawyers advise clients in dealing with investigations by government agencies into their business practices.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust and estate litigation is complex and emotional.  We understand the probate process and have years of experiences representing heirs and beneficiaries in the defense and prosecution of challenges to wills and trusts. Our litigators work in conjunction with our estate, trust and tax practitioners to find solutions to these sensitive matters.  Our commitment to practical and efficient resolution of complex disputes is critical when representing clients in these often emotionally charged conflicts.

Sports and Entertainment

Our litigators have been involved in a variety of matters for clients involved in the sports, sports marketing and entertainment industries.  We are attuned to the public relations challenges and media attention often associated with these cases. Most recently, we have served as the lead North Carolina trial and appellate counsel for a large public university in litigation over the University’s withdrawal from a major athletic conference. That matter, like many we have handled, called on our extensive experience before the North Carolina Business Court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Clients need innovative and effective solutions to legal disputes.  Our attorneys have decades of experience with various types of alternative dispute resolution.   Since mediations are required in most state and federal courts cases, we partner with clients at the beginning of a case to discuss settlement options, strategy and business solutions.  With this client-driven approach, the mediation process is more effective.

In addition to her client representation, Beth Langley is a certified mediator. Beth often serves as a mediator, assisting parties in resolving their disputes.  She is on the panel of certified mediators in the North Carolina Superior Courts and each of the Federal District Courts of North Carolina.  Our team has considerable experience representing clients in arbitration proceedings of various types of litigation, such as contract disputes, labor & employment issues, and shareholder disputes.

We are not restrained by traditional thinking and realize that creative solutions are often needed.  If conventional litigation, mediation and arbitration methods aren’t the best client options, we help clients design the solution that works them.

Alex Barrett, Kurt Seeber, Scott Tippett, and Thomas Medlin are our Litigation attorneys.