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Nov 2017

Congratulations to Tammi Thurm, our firm administrator, for winning the District 5 seat on the Greensboro City Council

With 54.9% of the vote, Tammi unseated her opponent, Tony Wilkins, the incumbent who had served on the City Council since 2012. A political newcomer, Tammi focused her campaign on the issues that matter most to her like bringing quality jobs to Greensboro, developing more affordable housing, creating a welcoming community and providing transparency in city government. She received endorsements from Equality NC, Replacements Ltd…

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Jul 2015

Bankers and Their Lawyers – Finding the Love

Engaging a lawyer to give advice or litigate a dispute in a commercial lending context involves choosing to incur costs. Bankers want to know what they should expect in return for the dollars expended. In litigation that has the potential to be complicated, they may refrain from early engagement with counsel because the costs can seem impossible to control. But the costs really aren’t that…

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