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Jun 2016

Hiring Summer Help Without Getting Burned

Many employers look to youth to fill their employment needs during the summer. It can be a cost savings and provide valuable and much needed help to employers, while providing valuable experience and income for the young employee.  However, youth employment can create traps with costly penalties for the unwitting employer.  This blog post will, hopefully, help you identify and avoid these traps. 1.  Is…

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Jun 2016

“Parsons Presumption”

The proper application of the Parsons presumption, which many workers’ compensation practitioners understood afforded injured employees the benefit of a presumption of a causal relationship between the originally accepted injury (or injury previously determined to be compensable) and the need for additional treatment for the accepted/compensable injury, continues to create a good deal of appellate activity.  As indicated in my previous blog, the North Carolina…

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Mar 2016

Decisions to Watch – North Carolina Court of Appeals Employee Cases

Four recent decisions by the North Carolina Court of Appeals relate to Workers’ Compensation issues and have the potential to impact your business. The following overview highlights these cases. If you have questions about any of these decisions or other Workers’ Compensation matters, please contact Kurt at (336) 232-0655. If you have employees that reside more than 50 miles from their place of employment—BEWARE!  In a…

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Feb 2016

NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) Watch – Section 7 Issues in the New Year

If your employees are not unionized – and for the vast majority of employers in North Carolina, that is the case – can you discipline them if they stop working? If Joe refuses to work because he doesn’t like his latest work assignment, it might be considered insubordination; but if Joe, Mary and Al have a complaint about working conditions, they don’t have to be…

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