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Jun 2016

“Parsons Presumption”

The proper application of the Parsons presumption, which many workers’ compensation practitioners understood afforded injured employees the benefit of a presumption of a causal relationship between the originally accepted injury (or injury previously determined to be compensable) and the need for additional treatment for the accepted/compensable injury, continues to create a good deal of appellate activity.  As indicated in my previous blog, the North Carolina…

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Mar 2016

Decisions to Watch – North Carolina Court of Appeals Employee Cases

Four recent decisions by the North Carolina Court of Appeals relate to Workers’ Compensation issues and have the potential to impact your business. The following overview highlights these cases. If you have questions about any of these decisions or other Workers’ Compensation matters, please contact Kurt at (336) 232-0655. If you have employees that reside more than 50 miles from their place of employment—BEWARE!  In a…

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Jul 2015

Bankers and Their Lawyers – Finding the Love

Engaging a lawyer to give advice or litigate a dispute in a commercial lending context involves choosing to incur costs. Bankers want to know what they should expect in return for the dollars expended. In litigation that has the potential to be complicated, they may refrain from early engagement with counsel because the costs can seem impossible to control. But the costs really aren’t that…

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